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You work hard all day at your job- you deserve to relax after stressful meetings and deadlines by watching your favorite show or movie. But what happens when family time gets interrupted by a broken TV? Residents in Kennewick, WA trust At Home Electronics Service, INC. for speedy TV repair services. Our home electronics repair team will have your TV up and running again in no time.

You paid a lot for your TV, so don't run to the store for a replacement without looking into TV repair services. Call 509-586-3800 now to discuss your issue with a member of our home electronics repair team.

5 signs you need TV repair services

5 signs you need TV repair services

Count on At Home Electronics Service for speedy and dependable TV repair services. Not sure if you need repairs? Contact us immediately if...

  1. Your screen looks darker than usual
  2. You see lines at the top of your screen
  3. Your TV takes a long time to turn on
  4. Your TV's color scheme seems off
  5. You hear strange noises coming from your TV
Our team in Kennewick, WA has the tools and expertise needed to fix your TV right away.